Brentwood High School and Community College


At Brentwood School we use a variety of strategies in order to assess student progress.


All students have IEP targets which are set twice a year and relate to the outcomes on a student’s EHC plan. These IEP targets are set and evaluated twice a year, and parents and carers are encouraged to contribute to the target setting process. These targets relate to the many skills we are hoping students will develop, and through evaluation of a student’s IEP, we are able to acknowledge the progress students are making in skills which are critical for them as they work towards developing their independence and progress towards adulthood.


B Squared Small Steps are used throughout the school to describe and track the achievement of our students in National Curriculum subjects. We also use Comparative Analysis of Special Pupil Attainment (CASPA) to ensure we compare favourably to other similar schools throughout the country.


At Brentwood we believe that all achievement should be celebrated, and so have worked with the Assessment and Qualification Alliance (AQA) to develop the Unit Award Scheme to recognise achievement at within the lower P levels, linking Units to P Scales. This enables our students to gain external recognition for their achievements and it is with great pride that they accept their AQA certificates.


In line with 14–19 foundation learning the external accreditation in Key Stage 4 is through the awarding body ASDAN. Students work towards an Award, Certificate or Diploma in Personal Progress depending on how many modules they achieve. In College (Post 16) students will continue with Personal Progress and in addition may take some modules from the Personal Social Development Accreditation.