Brentwood High School and Community College

College 2

On Thursday, Jez the school Music Therapist worked in the College classes, helping the students to express themselves creatively through music. We improvised some gentle music together to relax us all into the sessions and then we played some more lively songs. Students played tambourines, table tubes and harmonicas, and took turns to play the piano, everyone using their own unique skills and abilities. We worked hard but had a lot of fun along the way.

Mondays with College 2


C2 have been very busy on Monday mornings, accessing the ASDAN Units 'Out in the Community' and 'Multi Sensory Experiences'.


In the pictures the students are playing badminton at Altrincham Leisure Centre, having a drink in the café, and experiencing soundboards and massage sessions.


They have used these opportunities to develop their confidence out in the community and in new and different situations, as well as their money handling and communication skills.  They look forward to developing these skills further next term.