Brentwood High School and Community College

College Admissions


Brentwood Community College is a small Post 19 provision co-sited with Brentwood School. It opened in September 2016 to provide a local alternative for students at 19 who are still making educational progress and whose needs cannot be met otherwise by the local offer. The majority of students who attend the College have also attended Brentwood School.

Students are admitted to the College following a suitability assessment carried out in conjunction with the local authority. Considerations are the students’ ability, SEN, health needs, the efficient use of resources and the efficient education of others. If it is felt that we can meet the needs of the student and that it is an appropriate placement which is in the students’ best interests, then Trafford LA will name the provision on the EHC Plan.

We aim to provide a rich and varied learning environment with opportunities for community access whilst also meeting the additional needs of the students including sensory, behavioural, health and communication needs. The two year course is designed to support students’ learning, development and progression into adult life. The first year is 5 days a week attendance dropping to 4 days in the second year, allowing for transition into social care provision.

Students will be facilitated to

  • Work towards the agreed outcomes on their education healthcare plan

  • Integrate fully into our classroom provision

  • Access the community for work experience and leisure

  • Participate in curriculum activities

Students must be able to be work alongside other vulnerable young people in a mixed College/School environment.