Brentwood High School and Community College

College (Post 19)

Music Therapy 

Jez the school Music Therapist worked in the College classes last week. Click here to find out more... 

Work Experience at the Toy House in Flixton.

Our Morning Walk

After register each morning staff and students go outside and walk briskly around the grounds. We try to do this regardless of the weather and we walk up to a kilometre each day. It helps to settle us for our subsequent lessons.

Work Experience (within school)

Students have been learning about the different roles of staff members in school. They have been helping around school, taking responsibility for jobs such as emptying the blue paper bins, cleaning the buses, litter picking in the grounds, sweeping leaves in the grounds and other jobs as necessary.



On Tuesday’s in college, we have been taking part in Enterprise, making goods to sell.

We decided that we would make Christmas gifts and after researching and making prototypes we surveyed the school staff to see what there would be a market for.  Our final products included reindeer dust, hot chocolate mugs and gift wrapped sweets. We managed to sell out of everything and made £164. 

College Cafe

On Friday afternoons the Post 19 College students run a café for other students in the school. Students learn work related skills such as taking orders, serving customers, taking money and using the cash register. They are responsible for setting up the café and clearing up afterwards. The younger students visiting enjoy our home made cakes and excellent customer service.