Brentwood High School and Community College

Family Support

At Brentwood we aim to promote and encourage the involvement of parents and carers in all aspects of school life by welcoming them into school at any time and helping them to add to the positive and friendly atmosphere of the school

What is a PSA?

A Parent Support Adviser (PSA) supports the building of positive relationships between parents and families, carers, school and service providers.  A PSA will aim to break down barriers, they will communicate with you and support your child’s/young person’s learning by helping to address issues arising from events in school or at home.

Who is your PSA?

Your PSA at Brentwood is Pauline Dawson.  Pauline is available Monday-Friday during term time. Please do not hesitate to contact Pauline on 0161 905 2371 if you would like to discuss any issues.                                          

What does a PSA do?

The role of a PSA is varied and dynamic.

These are some of the possible issues a PSA can assist with:-


  • Liaise with other professionals both inside and outside school

  • Organise and co-ordinate support groups

  • Gather information about local services for parents, children and families in the area.

  • Discuss and assist in punctuality and attendance issues

  • Assistance in completing forms

  • Support during times of transition

  • Home visits when appropriate


Where a PSA is unable to help, they will do their best to find the information for you or direct you to the right contact.


We are very proud to have been awarded the Leading Parent Partnership Award for our work with parents.  Please visit for more information on this award.