Brentwood High School and Community College

Geeta Wadhwa-Suneja



Please detail Date of appointment, Term of office and date of standing down (where applicable) and who you were appointed by.


Elected Parent Governor since 2010


Can you tell us something about yourself and what strengths you bring to the governing body? Include occupation and background if relevant.


My son has special needs and my journey on this road with him has been an incredible learning experience. My personal knowledge of this special world is my biggest strength. This has made me a strong advocate for the rights of our children to live with dignity, respect and support.


I am also a General Practitioner, having qualified as a doctor in 1992. Medical knowledge always comes in handy!


Do you have any relevant business or pecuniary interests? Are you a governor in another education institution?


Do you have any material interests arising from relationships between governors or relationships between governors and school staff?


Why did you want to be a governor at Brentwood?


I like to be closely associated with my child’s school. I was a Governor at Pictor School and Delamere school when he was there. I feel I could make a positive contribution with my background.


On a very personal note its been immensely rewarding to watch the school go from strength to strength and celebrate the achievements of the wonderfully inspiring students and amazing staff of Brentwood School