Brentwood High School and Community College

Kevin Moore

Full Name:     Kevin Joseph Moore

Please detail Date of appointment, Term of office and date of standing down (where applicable) and who you were appointed by.


Can you tell us something about yourself and what strengths you bring to the governing body? Include occupation and background if relevant.


I am a retired police officer and have gone back working for the police as a civilian investigator within the Major Incident Team. From that background I bring a wealth of experience of dealing with people's general problems and managing their expectations. I also have trained in financial fraud so bring some understanding of financial matters. I have four children one of whom has Down Syndrome and was a student at Brentwood. I have gone through the process of her attending this school and then moving on to residential college and then to living within the community in a supported shared residence. This is a process most of you will face and I bring an understanding of the stress and issues that this will bring you all. I have also been a governor for the last 11 years and have been involved in all the major changes in that time at Brentwood.


Do you have any relevant business or pecuniary interests? Are you a governor in another education institution?


Do you have any material interests arising from relationships between governors or relationships between governors and school staff?


Why did you want to be a governor at Brentwood?


I was asked by the then head and could manage my time to assist. The school needs governors and especially governors who have children attending, being a parent of a student brings a unique understanding insight and connection with the school which since my daughter left Brentwood I have seen and felt the difference in my link to the school.


What impact has being a governor at Brentwood had on you?


It has got me involved in recruitment (which I had always avoided within my own employment) and staff management. It has also been really rewarding to see and be involved in the changes of the school as the critical friend to the leadership team.