Brentwood High School and Community College

Key Stage 3 Curriculum 2016 - 2017

       KS3                                 Areas of Study                                                      2016 - 2017



Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Group Building

Class Council


Careers. Myself/Discovering me


Myself and Others

Looking after myself

Gender – body awareness

Making Choices


Read: Non Fiction Texts

Write: Inform, explain, describe.

Phonics- Read, write, Inc.

Reading Scheme Books/Using the library

PMLD/Sensory: Pete Wells sensory stories:


Read: Shakespeare. Either:  The Tempest, Macbeth or Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Write: Analyse, review, and comment. Review book/film.

Phonics- Read, write, Inc.

Reading Scheme Books/Using the library

PMLD/Sensory: Sensory story based on Shakespeare text

Read: Contemporary fiction. Charlotte’s Web, Roald Dahl.

Write: Explore, imagine, entertain

Phonics- Read, write, Inc.

PMLD/Sensory – Sensory story based on Roald Dahl text.



Number – Place Value, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division

PMLD/Sensory – Number games and songs


Measurement – Time, Money

PMLD/Sensory: Routines


Geometry – Properties of Shape, Position and Direction

PMLD/Sensory – Shape walks, making sensory shapes


Measurement – Length and Height, Mass and Weight, Capacity and Volume

PMLD/Sensory Co-operband games


Number – Place Value, Fractions, Decimals and Percentages, Ratio and Proportion, Algebra

PMLD/Sensory – Making sensory numbers,


Number -– Place Value,

Data Handling - Statistics.

PMLD/Sensory – Counting using instruments.



Force and Magnets



Everyday Materials – Types and properties


Healthy Living


Plants – Types and Parts


Animals – types and parts


Living things and their habitats



Painting , collage, digital media

Building Landscapes

3d, sculpture

Mother Nature

Investigating Patterns


Design and Technology


Food Tech – Cooking and Nutrition.


Air and Space

Card and paper skills

Decorative Cushion


Introduction to the new ICT suite

Using Graphics software

PMLD/Sensory: Individual IEP Targets

Camera/video/iPad, create a story 2 Animate

PMLD/Sensory: Individual IEP Targets

Basic spreadsheets. Mission control. Remote control devices.

PMLD/Sensory: Individual IEP Targets


Invasion Games

1.Ball skills/invasion games/rugby or hockey

2. Gross Motor/Hydro

3. Sherborne

Net/Wall/Target Games

1. Gymnastics/Dance

2. Ball skills/football

3. Boccia, new age kurling

4. Gross Motor/Hydro

Striking & Fielding Games

1. Athletics

2. Kwick Cricket/rounders

3. Golf

4. Gross Motor/Hydro

Modern Foreign Languages


Greetings and personal info.

Colours r,b.v.j.

Numbers 1,2,3


Numbers 4 – 10


Xmas –cards/story

A French market  Clothes 



A French Café

Traditional dance and song


Holidays in France


Holidays in France


A trip to Paris

Religious Education


The Bible

Stories about Jesus and his birth



Growing up as a Jew

Special Books



Muslims’ belief in God

Growing up as a Muslim




Geography: Story of a Rainforest


History: Tudors


History: Egyptians


Geography: Water


Geography: Weather and Climate


History: Roman Britain


Timbre, Tempo, Dynamics and Structure – telling a story



Sounds in life: composition- including animals

Folk music


An introduction to Blues music

African and Caribbean Music