Brentwood High School and Community College


How we assess and share student progress at Brentwood School

At Brentwood we use a range of strategies in order to assess the progress made by individual students. Our aim is to ensure that assessment information is meaningful to all our stakeholders, and is used as a tool to inform us of the progress students are making.

Tools for assessing progress:

  • Baseline Assessment

  • Student Progress Review meetings

  • IEP targets and evaluations

  • Annual Review

  • Reports

  • B Level assessment (see attached leaflet for more information)

  • Classroom Monitor to record evidence of progress

  • SALT assessments

  • Behaviour support monitoring


  • AQA

  • Internal and External Moderation

  • Attendance

  • Monitoring of Reading Levels

  • Monitoring and Observation of Learning

  • Duke of Edinburgh Award (Bronze and Silver)

All students have IEP targets which are set and evaluated each term. These targets relate to the outcomes on a student’s EHC plan. Parents and carers are encouraged to contribute to the target setting process. These targets relate to the many skills we are hoping students will develop, and through evaluation of a student’s IEP, we are able to acknowledge the progress students are making in skills which are critical for them as they work towards developing their independence and progress towards adulthood.

Student Achievement and Progress Report 17-18