Brentwood High School and Community College


Careers Information, Advice & Guidance (IAG) offered by Brentwood College


We have a highly skilled team of staff who are involved in offering information, advice and guidance. Our joint knowledge and unique perspectives ensure that students receive expert advice to achieve the best possible outcomes.


We’re here to provide impartial advice to help students and their families make informed decisions about students’ futures. This can be done formally at review meetings, parents’ evenings or can be as simple as a quick chat.


Examples of IAG at Brentwood College –


  • Review Meetings take place annually. Students, parents/carers meet with personal tutors to discuss how they’re getting on and look at any areas for improvement. Progress towards the outcomes in the EHC are discussed and outcomes can be amended if necessary. (An EHCP Team member may attend the review). If involved Health, SALT and Social Care are invited to provide input around students’ support needs in and out of College. Our Connexions adviser attends to provide impartial advice and support about leavers’ destinations.


  • Our Annual ‘Beyond Brentwood’ Event takes place in May each year and among the local providers attending are a number of social care providers who will talk to parents/carers about their offers. Connexions, Trafford Centre for Independent Living and other advice organisations are also present to give advice on a range of topics including benefits, independent living, post Brentwood destinations and out of college activities.


  • Regular parent coffee mornings are held where our Family Support Adviser and our Health and Wellbeing worker, can help with any issues. Guests are often invited including social workers, LD health Team, benefits advisors.


  • Parents evenings are offered twice a year to discuss progress with tutors and the class teams. Parents are also shown examples of students’ work and photos and videos of curriculum activities.


  • IAG exit meetings (can be included in final review) take place around 6 months before a student’s completion date in which students and their families are supported to plan for the move to their post-Brentwood provision.


  • Students have access to support from Brentwood College for up to 6 months after finishing a course.


The Team

Jude Lomas


Katie Meredith

Head of College and Careers Lead

Pauline Dawson

Family Support

Helen Welsh

Student Support and well being

Mick McHugh

Connexions Advisor