Brentwood High School and Community College



Welcome to Brentwood College


Brentwood College is a happy, safe and inclusive environment where students are valued and feel a sense of belonging; a place where students’ needs are met with care, empathy and understanding. The curriculum is designed around the functional learning and transition needs of our young people as they move into adulthood. Our mission is for students to develop the essential skills they need to facilitate optimum independence and happiness in the community as they move on from Brentwood College into adulthood.


Brentwood College is a Post 19 provision offering a transition from school into adult life. The provision is for students who are still making educational progress at 19. All students have an Educational Health Care Plan (EHC Plan) and currently the majority of students will have attended Brentwood School. We have places for up to 21 students in three mixed ability classes.


We provide a supportive and challenging environment where learners develop functional skills, independence, communication and skills for living and work. The learning activities are all practical and many are community based.  We use a person centred approach to ensure that learners have individualised study programs developed to effectively match their needs, personal choices and aspirations.


The curriculum is based around the ASDAN scheme of work Towards Independence. This has a range of modules in practical and relevant subjects that are suitable for our cohort of learners. Towards Independence is externally moderated and certificated by ASDAN.


Each year students will complete 3 modules from: The Environment, Enterprise, Food Preparation, Sensory Baking, Multi-Sensory Experiences, Horticulture, Animal Care, Out in the Community and Independent Living. Students also have lessons in ICT, PE and PSHE.  Functional Maths and English are delivered through these modules in practical ways.

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