Brentwood High School and Community College

Jez Francis

Full Name:   Jez Francis



Can you tell us something about yourself and what strengths you bring to the governing body? Include occupation and background if relevant.


I have worked in diverse areas, lastly working at Greater Manchester Police within the field of analytical intelligence for 11 years, until I became a qualified Music Therapist in 2015. I have worked at the school and college in this capacity for six years. I work closely with the teachers, teaching assistants and SLT, and with the pupils, spending lots of time in all the classrooms. I keep myself abreast of all the stresses, strains and changes that go on within a busy school environment.


Do you have any relevant business or pecuniary interests? Are you a governor in another education institution?


I work as a self-employed Music Therapist within the school


Do you have any material interests arising from relationships between governors or relationships between governors and school staff?




Why did you want to be a governor at Brentwood?


Working at the school has enabled me to understand the needs and difficulties of both the pupils and the staff. I want to use my position to represent the best interests of the pupils within the governing body.


What impact has being a governor at Brentwood had on you?


Being a governor has enabled me to see and understand the functioning of the Senior Leadership Team and its relationship to the governing body. This interaction is critical and being a governor has put me in a position to be able to help make this relationship purposeful and effective.