Brentwood High School and Community College


Students stay in the College for up to 3 years from when they are 19 to when they are 22. Each subsequent year will be offered on the condition that students are making educational progress. Our Post 19 provision focusses on independence, choice and transition into the local community.


In College students will follow either our sensory or pre-entry/entry level curriculum. All courses follow the ASDAN Towards Independence curriculum. This has a range of modules in practical and relevant subjects that are suitable for our cohort of learners. Towards Independence is externally moderated and certificated. Currently within Post 19 there are three mixed ability classes which students stay in for registration, some of their lessons and for Brentwood events eg Sports Day. Other lessons are grouped according to need, ability or student choice.


Students continue to have an Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.) which sets out the priorities and targets for each term. IEP targets are small step targets which contribute towards students meeting their EHC Plan targets. Parents and students (where appropriate) are encouraged to contribute towards identifying and prioritising targets.


Post 19 students with therapy and care needs will still have their needs met in College, but these are not provided by the School team as Post 19 students are adults. Medical needs are met by student’s GPs and therapy needs are bought in by College on a needs basis. Currently we have our physiotherapy needs (including hydrotherapy) met by Manchester Physiotherapy, SALT provided by Gemma Lester who we emply one day a week and music therapy provided by Jez Francis who we employ for half a day a week. We have strong links with social care and community health teams to support our students and families with any issues.


Independent Living Skills


Students are taught to be as independent as possible in every aspect of the curriculum. Students are taught a range of independent living skills including cooking their lunch once a week and planning and shopping for this. For example after PE students are taught to shower and dress independently.

ASDAN modules offered currently include Independent Living Skills (Introduction and Progression), Meal Preparation and Cooking (Introduction and Progression) and Personal Care routines.


Community Inclusion


We offer a wide range of community and leisure activities and a taught PE session. Students choose from a range of off and on site activities including: cycling, swimming, trips to local facilities, bowling, badminton, and the outdoor gym. We focus on community access and students frequently visit shops, parks and other local amenities. Modules covered include Out in the Community and Using Leisure Time.


Students access the community in the majority of modules, for example for shopping, for aspects of The Enviroment module such as recycling and buying supplies in horticulture.


Sensory Curriculum

Students following a sensory curriculum have personal timetables which, for most students, include therapeutic sessions e.g. hydrotherapy, sessions with the physios and music therapy. Students are taught with their own classes for some subjects according to which modules they are taking. Students on the sensory curriculum will all complete the module Multi-sensory experiences. Other specific modules offered for sensory students are Sensory Baking, and Developing communication skills: sensory.


In addition to the specialist sensory sessions are offered which include:


Functional Skills: Communication/Problem Solving/ICT

Students work on their communication skills using pictures and the interactive whiteboards. They use switches including eye gaze to operate specialist software and the iPads to explore cause and effect.



Massage, Sound boards and Aromatherapy. All of these sessions focus on how the students respond to certain stimuli and how students communicate preference and choice during sessions.

Students take part in a variety of sensory stories through which they are encouraged to use all of their senses to explore tastes, smells, and textures of objects related to the stories. Students are involved in various practical activities related to the different stories. These sessions are taught in our multisensory light room or in our 4D inflatable tent.