Brentwood High School and Community College

Manchester United Hub School

Manchester United Inclusive Reds is the Foundation’s disability sport initiative which aims for equal sport and physical activity opportunities for disabled people, their friends and family.


Brentwood High School and Community College are in partnership with Manchester United and Conor Muldoon has been working at Brentwood School and College since August as the SEND Officer. Conor’s role is predominately based around getting students out into the local community, alongside offering extra curriculum activities during and after school times.


Since Conor has been working at Brentwood, there have been more opportunities to increase students’ development by focusing and engaging in many areas such as academically, socially and physically within an inclusive way.


Community Links

Gym and Fitness:               accessing local leisure facilities to engage in physical activity whilst enhancing their physical fitness.

Café:                                     attending local cafes to independently use money and engage with staff and members of the public.

Orienteering at Dunham Massey and the Velodrome National Cycling Park: choosing and navigating walking trails increasing physical ability and endurance.

Total Ninja:                     guided support to meet the needs of an individual student to participate in climbing activities; reducing stress and anxiety levels.

Manchester Health Academy: bi-weekly football sessions to develop new friendships, increase social skills and develop football skills.


Students also have the opportunity to attend different events representing the school and Manchester United Foundation, such as AON Training sessions, WWE anti-bullying events and Christmas Parties. These events are a fantastic opportunity for students to enhance their social skills, independence and confidence.


Students along with their family and friends have also been able to attend Manchester United Men and Women’s home matches at Old Trafford and Leigh Sports Village. This is a fantastic opportunity for the students as they are able to experience live match days and be rewarded for their hard work with Conor.


Conor also provides lunch time and after school clubs: